With non-invasive cosmetic treatments like facial fillers becoming more and more popular, fears are also on the rise about the possible outcomes of such treatment procedures. To help consumers out, the makers of BOTOX and Juvéderm facial filler, has added another feather to their caps. Allergan Canada has now launched an on-line virtual cosmetic enhancement make-over tool, Juvéderm Revitalizer.

Website Highlights
a. This is an online tool to help consumers determine how they will look after Juvéderm facial filler treatment.
b. All they have to do is upload a facial photograph onto www.juvederm.ca.
c. Then they have to click on the treatment area options to visualize how they would look like after a virtual makeover.
d. It is convenient for people as they get to know the effects sitting in the comforts of their homes.
e. One can access it at www.juvederm.ca. free of cost.
f. This online tool is the result of the joint collaboration between Allergan Inc. and ModiFace technology Inc.