dermal-fillers.jpg ArteFill dermal filler which claims to erase wrinkles permanently is set to make its debut in the US. Artes medical, manufacturer of ArteFill claims that the the dermal filler consists of ingredients which are used to make artificial implant material. But the medical experts are divided over the company's claims of being a permanent solution to wrinkles. Some doctors have opposed its usage due to drawbacks like unsightly bumps in the lips and on the nose. ArteFill is in the final stages of FDA approval.

Dermal Filler Review

a. ArteFill is made of Microspheres of Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), an artificial implant used in the body.
b. The microspheres are not absorbed into the body in the course of time (unlike the case of other fillers) thus making its wrinkle-free effect a permanent feature.
c. Patients who wish to use ArteFill need to undergo an allergy test.
d. The cost of one ArteFill injection is around $500-$600.