artefill-dermal-filler.jpg Artes Medical, Inc has announced that its new dermal filler ArteFill(R), used to correct wrinkles and smile lines is approved by FDA. It is said that ArteFill(R) is the first FDA approved non-resorbable aesthetic injectable implant.

Dermal Filler Features
a. ArteFill injectatble implant can effectively correct smile lines or naso-labial folds.
b. It comprises of ArteFill Precision-Filtered Microspheres (TM) suspended in a carrier gel containing purified bovine collagen.
c. Soon after, ArteFill is injected into naso-labial folds, a support structure is formed beneath the skin with the help of micro spheres to prevent the formation of new wrinkles.
d. The side effects with ArteFlill injections are swelling, lumpiness and redness at injected area.

Satisfactory results are noticed in the preliminary trails of these ArteFill injections. For more information about ArteFill