botox_treatment_linjectable_fillers.jpgThe American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has given information to patients seeking, cosmetic injectable dermal fillers. There have been numerous reports of unqualified persons performing medical procedures, and this has prompted ASAPS to issue a set of guidelines. A millimeter difference of injection depth can have a significant difference on outcomes. Adverse events and complications can be minimized using the right technique and selecting the most appropriate procedure for a patient's condition, according to James Stuzin, MD, ASAPS President. The ASAPS, has recommended the following guidelines for all those seeking cosmetic injectable treatments.

a. Don't choose a provider based on price.
b. Injectables are Pharmaceutical products and must be administered by trained, qualified clinicians.
c. Ask your Plastic Surgeon about the risks and benefits associated with the procedure.
d. You must disclose your medical condition and the medications you are taking to your surgeon.
e. Any injectable should be administered in an appropriate setting using Sterile instruments.
f. Ensure that your Surgeon, use only FDA approved products.