The American market might soon see new and better alternatives to existing fillers that mostly contain collagen. This will mark the end of 20 years of collagen monopoly in the filler market. The new fillers will be biodegradable and non-allergenic in nature.

Product Highlights
a. These fillers are made of hyaluronic acid or porcine collagen.
b. Use of these fillers does not require any allergy testing prior to use.
c. These fillers improve wrinkles and restore volume of aging skin.
d. It can fill the hollow areas around the eyes, add volume around the cheekbones and chin, treat marionette lines and restore the jaw line.
e. It minimizes the risk of serious complications.
f. It is a safer alternative.

Commonly available fillers
a. BioForm Medical’s Radiesse is a dermal filler made of calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel.
b. Medicis’ Restylane is a biodegradable filler that is used to replace the loss of fat in the face and create or restore a more defined facial contour.
c. Allergan’s Voluma is a temporary filler that can last up to several years.
d. Evolence from ColBar LifeScience restores shape and smoothes creases and lines.
e. Q-Med AB’s Macrolane reshapes body contours and corrects small atrophies on the body.