carbon-dioxide-injections.jpg A rage in the US and catching on in Britain, is carbon dioxide injections. CO2 injections have have emerged as an opted anti-aging procedure among many baby boomers. The procedure is also hyped as the biggest thing after botox, and is popularly known as Carboxy therapy. A study conducted by the University of Siena in Italy proved its efficacy.

Highlights of the Carboxy therapy
a. This is a non-surgical procedure.
b. It involves the injecting of carbon dioxide with a fine needle just under the surface of the skin.
c. It spreads to the surrounding tissues and causes the dilation of blood vessels.
d. It oxygenates and nourishes the treated area.
e. It distends the fat cells and causes their death.
f. It stimulates the production of collagen.
g. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks, fades scars and melts away fat from the body.
h. It makes a skin look younger and firmer.
i. It is ideal for the treatment of jowls, bingo wings, stretch marks and the décolletage and cellulite.
j. For effective results, treatment is recommended every 6 months.
k. One session lasts for about 20 minutes.

Highlights of the study
a. Researchers treated 48 women to six sessions over three weeks.
b. It was seen that, on an average, thighs reduced by 2cm, knees reduced by 1 cm and stomachs reduced by 3 cm.
c. It skin also became thicker and smoother.

£100 per session.