The new and FDA approved facial fillers JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA and JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA PLUS are coming into the market in January 2007. These products are non-animal hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and the results will last up to six months or longer. These products are said
to be the effective fillers to remove deep wrinkles and restore the youthful look. There will be no side effects with these fillers and these are suitable for all types of skin.

Dr. Pradeep Sinha, board certified facial plastic surgery specialist of the Atlanta Institute for Facial Aesthetic Surgery is going to hold the clinical trails of the JUVEDERM(TM) family of products in 4th week of October 2006. The open-label trials will be held in Atlanta

For more information on clinical trials of JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA and JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA PLUS products visit or one can contact Lisa DeGirolamo at 404-256-5428.