Kythera Biopharmaceuticals a biotechnology company based out of California, has announced the first-in-human trial their light-activated facial contouring agent ATX-104. The biotechnology company started by ex employees of Amgen has about $40 Million in funding and is primarily working on 3 products to target the aesthetic medicine market. ATX-104 is a novel, light-activated dermal filler based on hyaluronic acid and Kythera’s proprietary photochemistry platform. The proof-of-concept study that will evaluate the safety, tolerability, persistence and histological effects of ATX-104.

Highlights of ATX-104
a. This is a light-activated facial contouring agent.
b. It is based on KYTHERA’s proprietary photochemistry platform co-developed with Johns Hopkins University.
c. It can be injected, shaped and polymerized transdermally through an external light source.
d. This technology enables the creation of additional cross-linking density of ATX-104 after injection into the dermis.
e. This special feature is being studied by scientists to enable the maintenance of optimal pre-injection mechanics of filler while dramatically improving its persistence and contouring properties.
f. This proprietary technology has demonstrated its ability to improve a variety of commercially available dermal fillers in pre-clinical models.