Women have always wanted full lips that results in a pout to make heads turn. However, this is not an easy job. Though some were born with luscious lips others were not so lucky. The newest lip filler to hit the market is Juvederm, which can be painlessly injected into the lips giving it a fuller look. Besides using lip plumpers and subjecting the lips to stinging chillies and cinnamon, women can now try out this painless method of getting a pretty pout.

Product Review
a. It's a smooth gel that can be injected into the lips or face.
b. It contains hyaluronic acid.
c. It is 100 per cent natural.
d. It has been tested and found to be anti-allergic.
e. The effects of this product last for about 6 months.
f. It gives a more natural look to the lips than some of the other methods.
g. It is, however, a more expensive alternative and is priced at $500.