Temporary dermal filler, Laresse, has acquired regulatory approval in Australia from the Therapeutic Goods Administration. So far it was available only in the European Union where it was launched in 2006. Manufactured by FzioMed, Inc., this injectable dermal filler is highly effective in erasing the visible signs of aging.

Product Highlights
a. This is temporary dermal filler.
b. It is made from non-bacterial, non-animal sources.
c. It is free of all cross-linking chemicals.
d. It results in a natural look and feel.
e. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lines and creases.
f. It smoothens the skin's surface non-invasively.
g. It consists of pure, absorbable medical polymers.
h. It is a better alternative to other HA and collagen fillers.
i. It involves the use of a very fine needle.
j. Results from one session last for about 6 months.
k. It is currently available to medical practitioners in the European Union and Australia.
l. It gives skin a youthful appearance.
m. It is relatively painless.