Till recently, women with small beasts had no other option but to go in for painful cosmetic surgery and implants. But now, thanks to Macrolane filler, one can acquire a bigger breast with the help of just an injection. The only disadvantage is that the result is temporary.

Highlights of Macrolane filler
a. This is an injectable filler containing hyaluronic acid.
b. The dermal filler is very thick and has dense viscosity.
c. It is injected deep into the breasts with a thick needle resembling a knitting needle.
d. It involves the use of local anesthesia.
e. A patient feels just a stinging sensation when local anesthesia is injected.
f. It gives breasts a round and full look.
g. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes.
h. The results are immediately noticeable.
i. The procedure is suitable for women who wish to increase their breasts by a cup size without the help of implants & want to add volume and shape to their chest.

a. It might cause some swelling and bruising.
b. The breasts will feel tender for a few days.
c. This is a temporary procedure and patients are recommended to go in for treatment once a year or every 18 months.