These days, everyone is opting for non-invasive procedures to remove wrinkles, fine lines and deep lines. To serve the purpose, many injectables have entered the market, but the experts ask patients to not depend entirely on the claims of manufacturers before opting for these procedures. And many dermal fillers in the market are not for the same purpose, some remove fine lines and some other for deep lines and crow's feet, be aware before taking the plunge.

Upcoming skin fillers
a. Evolence is a new collagen product by an Israeli company 'Colbar LifeSciences'. The results are expected to last 1 year or more.
b. Puragen Plus by Mentor Corp has already been launched in the Europe and it will be launched in the U.S next year. Puragen plus is a hyaluronic acid filler and results are expected to last for six months.
c. Laresse, a newly launched filler in the U.K assures the results last for about six months. This product may be available in the U.S market in 2008.
d. The permanent filler Aquamid has to be tested and available soon. The ingredients of the Aquamid filler are biomaterial used in contact lenses.
e. Reloxin is a filler expected to be launched in the U.S in 2008 and it similar to the product Botox.
f. Puretox is another dermal filler which competes directly with Botox. Mentor corp holds the technology of Puretox.