perlane-dermal-filler.jpg Following the FDA approval of Perlane on May 2, 2007, Medicis Aesthetics Inc. has started the shipping of the product into the country. Perlane is an implant that is used to correct moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles. The reactions from physicians are positive and many have placed pre-orders for the product.

Highlights of Perlane's US debut
a. The FDA has cleared the use of Perlane in the US market.
b. The distribution of the product in the US will be taken care of by McKesson.
c. Physicians can place orders by calling 1-877-520-0500.
d. Further information is available at Medicis Aesthetics Customer Service at 1-866-222-1480.
e. This product is available in 70 countries outside the United States since 2000.
f. It has been used in millions of procedures till date by dermatologists and plastic surgeons outside the US.