The demand for cosmeceuticals is increasing at a rapid rate. The latest to enter this market is the start-up company ProGDerm Inc. This company was set up to facilitate a new research of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory which was funded by Allied Minds, a seed investment firm specializing in early stage university business ventures. The aim of this research was to develop a technology based on modulation of the RHAMM protein to induce the controlled generation of fat cells to replace those lost in the aging process.

Highlights of the ProGDerm product
a. During the research, it was discovered that modulating the RHAMM protein increases the deposition of subcutaneous fat while decreasing unhealthy visceral fat.
b. As such, this product could be the non-surgical approach to normalizing skin appearance after reconstructive surgery and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines.
c. It could be a better alternative to commonly used artificial dermal fillers for reducing the appearance of age related wrinkles.
d. It represents a natural process that induces controllable re-growth of the patient's own subcutaneous fat in targeted areas to help restore a youthful appearance.
e. The ProGDerm product will initially be administered via injection.
f. The injections will be delivered by trained professionals.
g. This product also has the potential to be delivered as a topical cream.