Santa Barbara based Mentor Corporation has started initial patient enrollment and treatment in its Phase IIIa study of PurTox. This was announced after the FDA gave its approval for its Phase IIIa study protocol. The company is optimistic that this study will be initiated during its first fiscal quarter. If FDA approved PurTox can give a strong competition to Botox

Product Highlights
a. It is an intramuscular injection.
b. This is a purified botulinum toxin type A neurotoxin.
c. It is to be used for the frown lines or glabellar rhytides.
d. This study will probably lead to a FDA approval.
e. This product can be used for the treatment of pain associated with adult onset spasmodic torticollis/cervical dystonia.
f. The toxin paralyzes underlying muscles for a period of about three months.
g. Besides its cosmetic uses, it is used as an anti-spasmotic for Parkinson's disease.