More and more people are going in for cosmetic fillers to reduce the visible signs of aging. Injectable fillers are replacing many invasive cosmetic procedures because of the ease of use and convenience. According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, on cosmetic dermal filler Restylane causes the skin to create more collagen. Research is under way to find out what causes change in the cells. This will be invaluable for scientists trying to find a way to regenerate cells.

Restylane benefits
a. This injectable filler is used to temporarily plump out wrinkles.
b. Research has shown that the injection of Restylane also helps stimulates collagen production.
c. Restylane stimulates the skin to produce more cells that give youthful appearance.
d. It is suspected that Restylane's plumping action stretches the fibroblasts, the cells in the skin that make collagen.
e. It is believed to interfere with the breakdown of existing collagen.