The anti-aging industry is set to change for ever thanks to a new technology. Selphyl, to be launched in the United States in September 2009, allows the natural promotion of cell regeneration and aids in the removal of wrinkles. Experts claim that the results are as good as a face lift.

Product Highlights
a. This is an autologous platelet process system, made from a patient’s own body.
b. It consists of plasma, platelets and fibrin drawn from the patient’s blood.
c. Once the blood is drawn, a patented process developed by Aesthetic Factors separates the platelets and fibrin.
d. The resulting product is injected into the treatment area below the surface of the skin.
e. This procedure involves the use of local anesthesia.
f. In about 8 week’s time, they develop new collagen, new blood vessels and use their own cells and tissues to reverse the signs of aging.
g. The results are long lasting.
h. It is 100 per cent natural.
i. There are no side effects and it can safely be used on any area of the body.
j. There is no bruising, swelling, or lumping associated with traditional fillers.
k. It is also comparatively cheaper.
l. It is ideal for people below 65 years of age.
m. The Azura Medical Spa is one of the select few centers in America practicing this procedure
n. The SELPHYL™ system has been cleared by the FDA

Around $1,100 for four cubic centimeters