According to the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery, face lift procedures including recovery takes about four to six weeks. But Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Harold Silver says that it can be done much faster. In fact, in about 3 days, a patient can resume normal activities. Dr. Harold Silver is also the inventor of the 3 day face lift procedure.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is an invasive procedure.
b. It involves the use of local anesthesia.
c. A patient is first put to sleep by an anesthetist and the blood pressure controlled and the procedure is performed.
d. It takes a couple of hours.
e. The next day, the bandages are taken off.
f. There is hardly any patient downtime.
g. There is minimal bruising and swelling.
h. This procedure elevates the cheeks and reduces the grooves that extend from the nose past each side of the mouth.
i. It removes jowls and defines the jaw line.
j. It sculpts the neck by removing the excess fat and tightening the muscles.
k. It removes the excess skin from the face and neck.

Performed by
Dr. Harold Silver, Toronto.