cosmetic-acupuncture.jpg Lunch time face-lifts, are gaining ground among people who are not ready to bear the hospitalization, pain or any post operative problems. The Acupuncture face-lift is performed in just 5 minutes. The Biovisage facial acupuncture clinic in Mid-Wilshire, is one such clinic that specializes in "Five-minute face-lift".

Features of Five minute face lift
a. In this procedure needles are inserted in key points that tone-up about 50 muscles in the face.
b. Experts say that early consultation (immediately after appearance of aging signs) will make the task easy.
c. Acupuncture is used nowadays for face lifts instead of Botox
d. The craze in Acupuncture face lifts have lead to the creation of Acupuncture Parties, which serves 10 guests at a time for a mere $2,000.
e. Experts note that life style itself is the deciding factor regarding skin tone. Your diet, sleep, exercise and sun protection are paramount factors, in maintaining your skin health.