A face lift helps tighten the facial skin, however loose skin around the neck can give away a person's real age. Many women are opting for a neck lift, along with a face lift or independently and making it a popular procedure. There are many such procedures in the market from liposuction to laser to help women gain tighter skin around the neck.

Causes for loose skin around the of neck
a. The cause of neck aging can be founding genes.
b. However, smoking, photo damage and weight also effect it.
c. Weight loss is another fact.
d. The loss of skin elasticity makes the neck look old.

Highlights of Liposuction
a. Liposuction can be opted for by a person with a little extra fat under the chin but otherwise healthy and elastic skin.
b. This defines the jawline.
c. Ultrasound or lasers can break up and liquefy the fat before suctioning, which creates a smoother result.
d. Smartlipo can also be used to tighten the skin around the neck & jowls.

Between $1000 to $3000

Highlights of the Neck lift
a. This is ideal for people who have thin and wrinkled skin.
b. It involves the use of general or local anesthetic.
c. The entire procedure takes about one to two hours.
d. An incision is made behind the ear and the layer of muscle and tissue underlying the skin is tightened.
e. The skin is draped on top and sutured in place.
f. A small incision is also made under the chin to suction away the excess fat and repair the neck muscle.
g. It is not covered by insurance.

a. Some risks are bleeding, infection and nerve injury.
b. Some people might experience some bruising and swelling for a week or so.


Highlights of Fractional laser treatments
a. Fractional lasers such as Fraxel & Affirm can be used to tighten the skin around the neck.
b. However, this does not improve hanging skin.

Non-surgical alternatives
a. Follow a healthy diet.
b. Avoid smoking.
c. Go in for sunscreens with SPF 30.
d. Use moisturizers and products that contain retinol, which stimulates skin cell production.
e. Products containing topical vitamin C, an antioxidant, are also effective.