There is now a new and innovative technology for giving facelifts. This novel procedure uses Aptos (KMI) threads to give a firm look to sagging skin. These barbed threads have today emerged as a viable alternative to traditional face lifting procedures.

Highlights of the new procedure
a. This is a minimally invasive procedure.
b. In this procedure either a short thread of 12 cm or a longer thread of 35 cm can be used.
c. It is used to tighten the sagging tissues and "lift" them.
d. It is ideal for the malar region.
e. The thread anchors itself in the facial tissues and lifts them gently.
f. Once the thread is in position, collagen grows around the barbed elastic ligament.
g. This gives a new and permanent support structure for the tissue.
h. It is ideal for women who are below 40 years.
i. The results last for about two years.
j. Usual downtime in the neck region is about a week and a couple of days for the malar area.
k. This is a better alternative to invasive surgical procedures.
l. There is hardly any bruising, no scars and quick recovery.