Dr.Francis Palmer, MD a renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon (Head of Facial Plastics for USC) has developed a new face lift, which is done under local anesthesia, where the recovery time is just 1 - 2 days and the face lift operation takes just 90 minutes. The latest face lift procedure is called Dr.Palmer’s Celebrity Face Lift and this advanced cosmetic procedure gives results equivalent to traditional face-lift.

Procedure Review
a. The Celebrity face lift is designed not only for the rich and famous who dont have the time but also the common folks.
b. Dr. Palmer performs 3 distinct steps to obtain optimum results. The first is the mini face-lift, then the geometric design neck lift and Radiesse injections to touch up the cheeks.
b. The mini face lift consists of making small incisions, which are 2 - 3 inches and dissolvable sutures are used to reduce the appearance of scars.
c. Celebrity face lift is completed in 90 minutes and involves minimum tissue dissection
d. The recovery time is just 3 days compared to 2 weeks for a traditional face-lift.
e. For additional information on Dr.Palmer’s Celebrity Lift visit, Dr.Palmer's website

Photo Source: Dr.Palmer.com