angel-lift-non-invasive-face-lift.jpg Chicago based cosmetic dentist Dr.Paul Landman has developed a new device which for face-lift. The procedure, called Angellift, is now offered at Dr. Landman's dental clinic. Angellift uses a small device and offers face-lift options for those scared of botox injections, or going under the knife.

Procedure Benefits
a. A mold is designed and developed to fit the patients mouth. Using the mold the Angellift device is made using hard resin.
b. The device is fitted in the mouth, just above the gum line.
c. Eliminates folds, fine lines on face; and results are immediate.
e. When patients use the Angellift, the skin wrinkles are smoothened.
f. The device helps formation of new wrinkles and is pain free.
g. The only restriction is, one should remove them before going to eat.
h. Angellift costs $350; and lasts for many years.