Coffee-break-face-lift-Aesthera-PPx.jpg A new skin rejuvenation procedure called 'Coffee-break face-lift/ Aesthera PPx' has made its foray into the UK market. This procedure is already available in the US for about a year. The procedure is first of its kind and rejuvenates skin in just a few minutes.

Procedure Review
a. This procedure is carried out with a device, which combines a laser with vacuum suction and the device is held against the face for a few seconds to form suction on the skin.
b. The vacuum stretches out the skin to make it easy for a laser beam to reach the problem area easily. Relatively the laser is safe because it does not use much energy.
c. This procedure can keep away problems like brown spots, red spots, freckles, sun damage and broken blood vessels. After a series of treatments, skin will be morphed into a smoother and become more tone.
d. It is a pain free procedure and there will be no side effects.
e. A single session to the face costs about £350 and £1450 to have the desired look.