A new and innovative procedure 'ContourLift' is a preferable option for those who want a natural facial rejuvenation. This procedure outperforms the traditional face-lift procedure.

Procedure Highlights
a. This procedure involves in repositioning sagging jowls, brows and cheeks by pulling back tissue beneath the top layers.
b. ContourLift corrects each part of the face independently for a natural effect.
c. The procedure involves making tiny incisions along the hairline, where the plastic surgeon inserts needles threaded with barbed sutures, which have cogs that can grab the skin once in place.
d. The patient can direct the plastic surgeon to slide the barbed sutures into the desired position.
e. The entire procedure takes not more than an hour and one can get back to their normal activities within a week.
f. It leaves no visible scarring on your face and it costs you between $3,500 and $5,000.
g. The results of Contour lift are supposed to last 10 years.
h. Contour thread lift has been approved by the FDA in 2005