cynthia-rowland-facial-boot-camp.jpg Cynthia Rowland an expert in natural facial fitness, has developed a unique 4-week face lift workshop scheduled via webcase. The expert who has over thirty years experience in health & beauty related fields, is starting a "face lift boot camp" in October where in Cynthia is the personal coach to participants and one can lead the face lift techniques in the comfort of your home. These facial magic technique or exercises will make the faces look young, eliminating folds, sagging skin etc.

Facial Magic Exercises

a. Two exercises will be taught each week by Cynthia as personal coach in front of the computer
b. In Lesson 1-- Starts on October 5, you will begin to lift two important areas of your face: The upper eyes and upper cheeks to subside the nasal labia folds, the lines between the nose and mouth.
c. Lesson 2-- Starts on October 12, you will be taught to rejuvenate the lower face muscles to smooth and firm pouches and jowls that pull down the mouth corners.
d. Lesson 3-- Starts on October 19, you will be shown, how to lift and flatten the neck muscles. With this the double chin and the wattle are significantly, reduced and improved.
e. Lesson 4-- Starts on October 26, the changes on your face will become more evident. You will look and feel highly confident with your young looking face.

3 pairs of white cotton exercise gloves will be sent to you, after the registration. These gloves are used to execute certain exercise movements.

Register at to attend this -natural face lift session, for a fee of $99.