The technique of using one’s own body fat to rejuvenate or lift a sagging face, has been in existence for many years. Lately there have been developments, where this technique has improved keeping the patient’s safety as priority. As a patient ages, skin starts to sag and gives rise to wrinkles. Other fats disappear, producing shallow surfaces on the face resulting in unsightly curves that were previously in a straight line. To address this, patients can undergo Facial Autograft Muscle Injection (FAMI), using one’s own fat for tissue augmentation. It is a noninvasive rejuvenation for facial volume enhancement to lift and give life back to a sagging and tired looking face. The procedure consists of two stages, one where the excess fat from areas like thighs, hip area or knee area, then the fat is injected where its needed. The results of the procedure are permanent. FAMI produces a dramatic cosmetic improvement of contours and defects in the prevention of the aging process with fewer complications.