Renowed plastic surgeon from France, Dr Roger Amar will be visiting the US from January 2 to 7, 2007, to teach American surgeons the FAMI (Facial Autografting Muscle Injection) procedure. Dr Amar will be conduct this training in in New York City and Philadelphia. This unique procedure uses Adult Stem Cells or Pre-adipocytes which are injected into the vascular muscle bed and under the Periosteum of the face. This procedure is a boon for people with any kind of facial distortion.

Procedure Review
a. It is a non invasive injection technique for full facial restoration.
b. The procedure has benefited about 500 patients till date.
c. Instead of foreign particles, the patient’s own adult stem cells are injected in the face to restore youth and correcting asymmetry.
d. There is no incision on the skin.
e. It is a safer alternative to plastic surgery.
f. It restructures the facial skeletal and subcutaneous structure to a more youthful state
g. The FAMI technique is a long lasting solution for full facial restoration.
h. Dr. Amar is also offering a Facial Autograph Muscle Injection "The AMAR Technique" in a DVD for plastic surgeons to learn the technique for $100. Click here to buy the DVD now