the-yoga-face-lift.jpg The obsession with youth today has given a billion dollar boost to the anti-aging industry. Most of the procedures employed are invasive in nature with possible side effects. Therefore, a 100 per cent natural way to retain youth is the dream of many men and women. Marie-Veronique Nadeau 's The Yoga Facelift: The All-Natural, Do-it-Yourself Program for Looking Younger and Feeling Better helps people do just this. All it requires is meditation, yoga and simple and fun exercises.

Highlights of The Yoga Facelift
a. This book helps people retain their youth through a combination of simple and natural facial exercises and yoga.
b. These exercises can reduce frown lines, extra chins and chicken neck.
c. The exercises are complimented with charts and photographs.
d. Devoting 5 to 10 minutes a day to these exercises can take years off a person's face.
e. It can be done anywhere, anytime.
f. It is effective, easy and fun.
g. It enhances a person's inner as well as their outer beauty.
h. It can be done by people of all ages.
i. This book is published by Conari Press and is available in the market from Aprial 2007.
j. Yoga face lift costs $19.95 to buy the book click here