gore-tex-facelift.jpg Out of many options to make aging face look younger, the best one which has longest track record is Gore-Tex facelift. The procedure is done within an hour and it requires little downtime. It doesn’t require general anesthesia. Another big plus is, the results lasts for up to 8 years. The ePTFE procedure also is used to lift the forehead and more commonly the midface, an area often described as everything from just under your lower eyelids to the top of your lips. As we age, skin naturally sags but the real culprits are the tissues sliding south just under the skin. In addition, we normally lose some fat from our faces and that takes away the softer, more rounded look of youth.

In general, patients are normal within a week after the procedure. The operation may be right for patients in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Dr. Maas is developing a small clip to be buried in the hairline near the temples that may allow the results to last even longer. After 8-years the patient experiences normal aging. Then, the facial tissues can be readjusted upwards without re-performing the whole procedure.

Source: cosmeticsurgery.com