The Isolagen’s much hyped non-invasive face-lift procedure is found to show zero results. The complaints are pouring in from patients and doctors for refunds, in UK. The company has introduced this procedure in UK had shut down its operations due to legal threats from various patients and opposing bodies. The Isolagen face lift involves growing cells known as fibro-blasts on a skin patch externally and then re-injected into patient’s face.

This non-surgical wrinkle erasing treatment priced was at £4,500 and claimed that the results would last forever, thus promising eternal youth. But this expensive treatment has even put the company into huge losses, owing to huge refunds it has to pay to avoid legal suits. All this made company to withdraw the treatment.

Company officials have stated that the treatment has shown good results in thousands of women and there has only been 5 % problems. Isolagen's UK website is also shut down.