sarah-jessica-parker-jaw-line.jpg Cosmetic surgery has reached new heights in recent times. Be it breasts or hips, lips or nose, there is a solution for each unsatisfied person. But all that is now passé. The latest in cosmetics surgery is the chin job. This has taken the industry by storm and more and more people are queuing up for it. And, why not? After all, a strong jaw line reflects a strong personality. Many men and women are following their favorite stars Claudia Schiffer, Sarah Jessica Parker, Daniel Craig and Bradd Pitt, who all have a strong jaw line, which reflects their personality.

Procedure Review
a. The Jaw line restructuring is a popular procedure in Europe and there has been an increase of 35 % in the number of people going in for this procedure.
b. The surgeons break the jaw bone and a permanent implant is placed through the mouth to reshape the jaw.
c. It pushes the chin out and improves the appearance of the face.
d. The Jaw line restructuring procedure costs approximately £3,500