thermage-1805.jpgLess is more seems to be working in plastic surgery, where patients go for less invasive plastic surgery, which are safer, faster and gives a fresher looking skin for less money than traditional surgeries.

Thermage is in much demand and it is one of the newest technologies. It is basically a technique to tighten the skin and increase the collagen content. The results of this process are very subtle. No one could recognize the signs on face. It gives wonderful results which facelift could not give in lesser time. Patients describe the treatment as a hot needle or bee sting. It takes about two hours time and cost is around $2,000 and after the procedure they can attend their work immediately.

Some opt for a TCA peel which is an acid that causes the outer layer burn and in a week it peels off and leaving a smoother inside fresh skin. This process will take five to seven days to see the results. Chemical peels are incredibly popular, having more demand and millions of operations done on this in US.

For patients worried about traditional liposuction, there is a new kind of minimally invasive liposuction called vaser liposelection that uses ultrasound waves to heat the skind and tighten and contract the areas. This does not require general anesthesia, but use of mild sedation enough.