Lifestyle facelift, a popular cosmetic procedure, has lured thousands of women with the promise of a younger look. However, now their promotional campaigns are being criticized by Lu Ann Cahn and the NBC 10 Investigators on the basis of customer's reports. Now the National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureaus has taken up the issue. Many women have complained about the procedure. However, Lifestyle Lift founder David Kent maintains that these reports are baseless.

Highlights of the Controversy
a. Some of its claims are unrealistic.
b. Customers have reported severe bruising in their neck area.
c. Some complained that they were unable to eat anything for a couple of days following the procedure.
d. Others said there was bad scarring and sutures were protruding from the skin.
e. Their advertisement line – Look 20 Years Younger – is not supported by any data.
f. So is their claim that there is just a week's recuperation period