The new MACS-lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift) is an innovative facelift procedure with fewer incisions. The procedure is being offered by the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group (LIPSG).

Procedure Highlights

a. In the MACS-Lift, the surgeons lift the middle layer of muscle and tissue in a vertical direction almost eliminating the horizontal 'windswept'.
b. The MACS-Lift is not only a less-invasive procedure but also requires less patient downtime that is not more than three weeks.
c. The skin's middle layer is lifted up with quick dissolvable sutures and very little skin is removed and used to cover the lifted layer.
d. Unlike the conventional face lift the MACS-lift requires only a few incisions and it takes two or three hours to finish this procedure under local anesthesia.
e. The possibility of scarring with this procedure is very less.