There is a non-surgical face lift treatment with the machine called CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) offered only by Oshi spa in Scotland, UK. CACI is not a new technology and has been used to treat stroke victims in America.

Procedure Features

a. This instrument passes over the face by working on particular areas like wrinkled foreheads and crows feet.
b. During the treatment this machine stimulates the facial muscles and tones, and softens deep lines and wrinkles by improving collagen and elastin.
c. It doesn't cause any irritation or uncomfortable feeling except sometimes (in the case of clients with greasier skin).
d. One can find better results after attending a few sessions.
e. The cost of the Anti-ageing Regenerating Facial, at £55, which lasts around one hour 15 minutes and includes the CACI.