portrait-plasma-skin-regene.jpg A new technique called the Plasma Treatment to rejuvenate the skin might well turn out to be the fairy tale potion for women worried about wrinkes & concerned about the dangers of skin lasers. Portrait plasma skin regeneration, uses plasma, an energised gas used in flat screen TVs and fluorescent lighting. The technique involves using a handpiece to deliver very minute plasma energy deep into the dermis while leaving the skin’s surface intact. As the new epidermis emerges the old skin will start to shed. With less trauma than ablative procedures, healing is rapid.

There are laser skin treatments that produce similar results, but involve taking off the surface of the skin. This leads to longer healing time.

However, Dermatologist Dr. Matt Avram of Massachusetts General Hospital calls it a complement to the other devices like timetested laser procedures.

The plasma procedure has only been in use for less than one year, so there's no long-term studies on how long the benefits last. Doctors say, regenerated collagen will continue to increase for awhile, and with the use of sunscreen, that new look could last a long time.

* Done under local anaesthesia.
* Full face treatment lasts 20-30 minutes; in-office procedure.
* No immediate obvious effects such as discolored/charred skin.