Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are opted by almost 90 per cent women in today's world. Though procedures are effective there are quite a few dubious ones in the market performed by unqualified people. In Malaysia, the gold thread procedure promises a younger look and women are queuing up for this instant facelift. It involves the use of 24 karat gold and is very expensive. However, according to a vocal critic of the procedure, Dr Somasundram Sathappan, a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon, 100 per cent pure gold is so soft that it will not be able to support a person's face, when used in a face lift procedure.

Procedure Benefits
a. This is a minimally-invasive surgery.
b. It is a cosmetic procedure to improve wrinkles, sagging skin and jowls.
c. This procedure involves the use of 24 karat gold thread.
d. It is a relatively expensive procedure.
e. The threads placed on the skin stimulate the production of collagen.
f. It improves the elasticity of skin.
g. It reduces wrinkles and firms sagging skin.

a. This procedure is not approved by the FDA.
b. There are no data or studies available on its long term effects.
c. It is not advisable for women with fragile skin.
d. Effects are not yet known.

$3500 to $15,000