Most face lift techniques are time consuming and painful. The recuperation time is long and people need to stay away from work for a long period. However, for busy people, there is the QuickLift Facelift developed by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dominic Brandy, MD, from Pittsburgh. The procedure is performed at his medical spa,The Skin Center.

a. This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that gives a partial face lift.
b. This procedure is performed on the face from the middle downwards.
c. It reduces the nasolabial folds, fine lines and wrinkles that appear as a person ages.
d. This procedure is done with local anesthesia.
e. It takes just about an hour and is painless.
f. There is comparatively very little bleeding, bruising, scarring and swelling.
g. Small incision are made on the skin in this procedure.
h. A surgeon tightens the tissue of the superficial musculoaponeutonic system beneath the skin.
i. The results last longer and look more natural.
j. It can make a person look 5 years younger.
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a. It is not a permanent solution.
b. The normal aging effects can be visible after just 5 years of the procedure.

Doctors performing the procedure
a. Dr. Dominic Brandy, MD