facial-restoration-revolutionary-jowl-removal.JPG As one goes through the 30's and 40's there is loss of volume in the face and cheeks droop down. The result is loss of youthful "Apple-Cheeked" appearance. To correct this and restore the facial appearance Dr. Jacobs has developed a new technique called 'Jacobs Rejuvenation Procedure' which has earned him international recognition.

Procedure Highlights
a. Firstly a combination of micro-ultrasound and micro-liposculpture are used on jowls to remove excess fat in the jowl area. The skin is shrinked
b. Next the jowls are removed and skin is tightened making for a youthful, straight jaw line.
c. To restore the volume of the face, patients fat cells are transplanted in the area required.
d. It has low downtime and leaves no scars.
e. After the process even age spots, fine lines are eliminated and the skin is tightened with new ST Laser.