Most patients considering cosmetic surgery are wary of going under general anesthesia which can lead to several side effects. Now, a plastic surgeon from Long Island, New York, Dr. Zachary Gerut, has developed a procedure where there is no use of anesthesia. The procedure also called Stay Awake face lift or Dr. Gerut face lift is based on tumescent liposuction technique and takes only 2 to 3 hours.

Highlights of the Gerut Lift
a. This is a full face lift procedure.
b. The procedure is the same as other facelift operations that pulls and trims deep lying muscles and skin.
c. After the procedure, patients do not need dressing, gauze masks or compression garments.
d. The results are long lasting.
e. This procedure is a combination of many innovations and techniques.
f. The patient remains awake during this procedure.
g. It is comfortable and painless.
h. Recovery time, swelling and bruising is less.
i. A patient can resume normal activities in 3 days.
k. There is no post operative nausea, grogginess, or anesthesia 'hangover.'

The procedure
a. First, Novocain is delivered with a tiny, imperceptible needle and a special apparatus that spreads the Novocain slowly to numb the face.
b. For patients with needle phobia, it is administered orally or small amounts of local I.V . sedation is given.
c. The entire face is given diluted lidocaine, saline and adrenaline so that the tissues turn completely white.
d. This helps the doctor to assess the affect the adrenaline on the numbing process.

A possible side effect is tightness of skin.

Dr. Zachary Gerut is based in Long Island, NY.