sumishi-microcurrent-facelift.jpg The new kind of face lift using the Sumishi micro current technology is gaining popularity. The new anti-aging procedure offers a painless, non-invasive face rejuvenation to women in just an hour. Satisfied customers swear by the efficacy of this treatment.The Sumishi micro facelift procedure is seen on Oprah, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and The Stylist.

a. This procedure involves the use of a Sumishi machine.
b. This procedure can give one a face lift in just an hour.
c. Microcurrents are emitted from the probes of the machine and penetrate into the cells.
d. It makes the skin smooth and firm.
e. It regenerates and strengthens the cells.
f. It firms, oxygenates and improves the circulatory function of the muscles.
g. It also helps fight pigmentation problems and acne scars.
h. The results are long lasting.
i. 12 treatments in 6 weeks are recommended for maximum benefits.
j. Follow up treatments once a month for 11 months is recommended for maintaining the results.
k. It is suitable for people of all ages.
l. To know more about the Sumishi machine call 1 (877) SUMISHI

Cost of the 1 hour face lift
One treatment costs $95.