face-bra.jpg The 'face bra', a new device created by Vicki Southard which assures to lift the troublesome sagging jaw line. It is the best option to get your face corrected without undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Product Features
a. The Face Bra is a non-invasive system to lift your face.
b. It should be soaked in minerals before wearing it and removed after 30 or 40 minutes (for the best effect soak it in minerals every 10 minutes).
c. Use it twice or thrice a week. For effective results nearly six applications are required.
d. You can get easy and effective rejuvenation of your face with this bra within a few weeks.
e. It has the Egyptian mummy style appearance and the bandages stretch around the forehead and under the chin.
f. It costs about £43.
g. It helps reduce double chin by reducing water retention and inflammation beneath the skin surface.