For sagging skin Dr. Susan VanEpps, practitioner of aesthetic medicine with 16 years of experience in sewing has recommended a thread lift, a non-invasive, outpatient procedure. The threads, or sutures, have barbs that catch the skin, which is lifted and anchored so it doesn't sag. Some people have dubbed the thread lift as the 'lunchtime face-lift' because it just takes an hour to complete.

People who have a lot of skin laxity but have taken care of their skin are best candidates for thread lifts. Younger people, possibly in their 40s or 50s, who don't have excessive skin on the neck or jowls are good candidates for a thread lift. An alternative, to this, is a face-lift. 'A face-lift removes the skin,'. 'A thread lift moves the skin.' But thread lift, has not gone well with surgeons as it is expensive and results last only for 2-3 years. A patient should expect only 50% improvement from thread lift compared to a face-lift.