FDA has recently approved, 2-new treatment procedures that does away with sagging skin and tightens skin. These are Aluma system and Refirme

Highlights of Aluma system

a. The Aluma system heats up the skin and breaks the old collagen paving the way for formation of new, smoother collagen. The treatment is performed in 30 minutes.
b. The skin is lifted and tightened and the process is painless.
c. After the treatment hot water bath and direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided.
d. The number of treatments recommended are 6 to 8.
e. The Aluma system can be used on any body part.

Highlights of Refirme system

a. This laser combines electrical energy and infrared light and thus promotes formation of new collagen.
b. Full results are seen after undergoing 5 treatments sessions.
c. People using pacemaker and pregnant women are not eligible for undergoing this procedure.

Both the procedures costs around $2000-$2500, which is half the cost of a face lift with equal results.