This is pure luxury. A 24 karat gold facial has been developed in Japan to rejuvenate the skin, clear blemishes and make it younger. This is just a reflection of the Japanese obsession with the good things in life. The healing properties of gold are well known and applying this pure metal on the face is bound to give amazing results. This treatment was showcased at the Beautyworld Japan 2007, the country's biggest beauty expo by Umo Inc.

Highlights of the Pure Gold Skin Treatment
a. This is a 24 karat gold facial.
b. It rejuvenates the skin, makes it young and removes wrinkles and blemishes.
c. It stimulates cellular growth in the skin's basal layer.
d. It is, at present, available only in Japan.
e. A session takes about a couple of hour's time.

Starts from $230 per session.