Waseda-Asahi-Oral-Rehabilitation-Robot-1.jpg The Japanese have come up with a robot that has the ability to give facial massages. Developed by researchers at Tokyo's Waseda University along with Asahi University, this device will soon be seen in hospitals and spas across Japan giving facial massages to patients with jaw-related problems.

Highlights of the Waseda Asahi Oral Rehabilitation Robot 1
a. This is a relaxation device that gives therapeutic facial massages.
b. It is meant for patients who have jaw-related medical problems.
c. The arms of the robot have ceramic golf ball-sized spheres that roll over the facial skin.
d. A complex set of algorithms, designed to emulate massages, control the movements of the robot's arms.
e. There are six sensors at the base of the arms to measure and adjust the pressure applied by the spheres.
f. This robot can also be programmed to give beauty and relaxation massages.
g. Clinical trials are likely to start in November 2007.

Source: Mainichi Japan