In today's age of environment consciousness, spas offering green facials do roaring business. Beauty conscious people frequent spas to indulge themselves in luxurious treatments that claim to be environment friendly. But critics claim that the term 'green' here is misleading as there is hardly anything 'natural about such treatments.

Advantages of green facials
a. Green facials can induce relaxation.
b. It makes a person feel younger and fresh.
c. It gives the skin a fresh and radiant look.
d. It can eliminate the visible signs photo damage and aging.

Disadvantages of green facials
a. According to critics, the term 'green' used by most spas are, in reality, a marketing gimmick.
b. Most of the acids contained in facial peels contain supposedly naturally occurring acids that are actually produced in factory chemistry laboratories.
c. Many treatment products contain alpha-hydroxy acids, which may increase the risk for sunburn.
d. Another danger is from microdermabrasion where powders are applied on the face. Inhalation of these fine particles over time can cause lung damage.
e. Many products used in so-called green spas contain ingredients that have not been approved by the FDA or tested by manufactures for safety.