Dispelling myths that chocolate is bad for the skin, a popular spa in UK offers chocolate facials and wraps to clients. It is an indulgence that satisfied customers say is worth the expense. The facials allow The velvety flavor of chocolate flows through the entire face and leaves a person invigorated.

Highlights of the CoCo2 Chocolate Facial
a. It contains a unique combination of Herzog's oxygen skin care products and beneficial properties contained in chocolate.
b. This facial stimulates all of the senses.
c. It has an uplifting effect on a person.
d. It makes the skin radiant.
e. It breaks down free radicals and has anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties.
f. It stimulates the production of the hormone progesterone.
g. It moisturizes the skin and gives it a springy feel.

Highlights of the procedure
a. It is a one and a half hour long procedure.
b. The treatment starts with a back, neck and shoulders massage.
c. This relaxes a person and helps in unwinding.
d. The first step is the removal of surface dirt and make-up with Finest Chocolate Cleanser and a warm flannel to open the pores.
e. Then the client is given a gentle scrub to remove blackheads.
f. After this, a Vitamin H cream is applied to overly dry areas of the skin.
g. Then comes the application of Herzog's oxygen eye cream.
h. Then the cool and calming Essential Mask, which delivers two per cent oxygen to the skin, is applied.
i. After this, the face is covered in a layer of gauze which is painted with Choco2 Chocolate & Oxygen.
j. At this stage the client is wrapped in cling film to keep the heat in and help the mask set.
k. Then comes a quick hand massage.
l. After some time the layers are removed and the client is massaged with Chocolate Comfort Cream.

It is not meant for claustrophobic people.

$75 for 90 minutes