facials.jpg Most people take it for granted that facials are the key to a glowing skin. But now dermatologists disagree. According to them, the results usually promised by spas and salons after a facial are unrealistic. However, aestheticians claim that dermatologists are bad mouthing them to ensure a steady flow of customers to their clinics.

Procedure Benefits
a. Usually facials are massages for the relaxation of the face.
b. However, spas and aestheticians offer a range of results-oriented facials that claim to do more.
c. Some of these facials, like the oxygen facials, can apparently plump skin, produce collagen and regenerate new cells.
d. One facial uses a technology that uses pressurized oxygen to deliver modified hyaluronic acid to the face.
e. There are non-surgical face lifts that uses sub-sensory microcurrent waves to tone and lift facial muscles.
f. Others offer an electro-stim lifting facial, which is a non-invasive face lift.
g. However, dermatologists are of the view that massaging of the skin causes temporary swelling, which gives a lifting effect.

Alternatives to facials
a. A glycolic peel can be used to get rid of the outermost dead-cell layers of the skin.
b. Salicylic and lactic acid peels can help in diminishing sun spots.